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D'incise - Insectes, Attente et Pixels

Among the artists who combine the aesthetics and sound sculpting of avant-garde with the posse and power of bass-driven urban music D'incise is clearly one of the most interesting and solids of them all and his latest release on Zymogen is only an example of that.
"Insectes, Attente et Pixels" got to be one of the best produced albums I have heard in a while, every sound seems carefully constructed and the way the percussive structures are built, leaves the listener absolutely dazzled and delighted.
The first track "Elle Dort" is a mellow and epic opener, with a laid back mood to it that clashes with an intricate progression of broken percussions that maintain a level of tension through the entire track.
This album have some hyper, convoluted and frantic peaks on "Contemplatif et pixellisé" and "On peut pas tout cacher avec le printemps": both ecstasies of broken sounds and blazing self-constraining shapes, that grow into enormous bursts of chaotic energy.
Something that I truly love abut D'incise, is that he has some kind of a hardcore attitude, very strong willed and filled with anger and rage that is very present on "Spectacle" whose heavy rhythm evokes the power and will of a military march. Even though I don't speak French and don't understand what the vocal sample from the beginning says, it's not hard to understand that they are upset about something that has to do with the unfair and miss proportioned economical situation the world lives today. This very powerful and dark record finds a balance with slower and awkwardly built tracks such as "Anticipation D'un Voyage"(probably my favorite tracks of the whole record), "Traumatisme Enfantin" and finally "Insectes diurnes et nocturnes". On those pieces D'incise experiment with unsetting speeds and weird pitching that grow into some really beautiful shapes and motions.
"Insectes, Attente et Pixels" is an exceptional record that a lot of people could clearly enjoy: from the IDM-heads to people more interested in avant garde experimentation.

David Velez




Track List:

  • 01. Elle Dort
  • 02. Contemplatif et Pixellisé
  • 03. Anticipation d'un Voyage
  • 04. On Peut Pas Tout Cacher Avec le Printemps
  • 05. Traumatisme Enfantin
  • 06. Spectacle
  • 07. Insectes Diurnes et Nocturnes


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Cover Artwork:
© D'incise
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This work (audio tracks, cover, text) is licensed under a creative commons license.



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Reviews for this release

This release from Swiss producer D’Incise on the Zymogen netlabel is a little bit older, from August actually. But I have just downloaded it today and it is worth mentioning, I think. Are release dates important at all when talking about netaudio? Usually releases are available for many years, well as long as the files are hosted. No limited quantities, no sold out announcements. Actually that’s one of the advantages of netaudio.
D’Incise covers a musical spectrum between Autechre and more leftfield Drum & Bass in the vein of Plug and Aphex Twin. If you want to get an idea what the seven tracks of this release are about just listen to the first two tracks: glitchy IDM sounds on Elle Dort and subbass driven breakbeats on Contemplatif et Pixellisé. The atmosphere on all tracks is kind of dark, though more comforting than sinister.
If Autechre are on your playlist download this release. I guess you’ll like it.
Not So Relevant / 20 Jan 2007

The man behind the ubiquitous D’Incise-moniker goes by the name of Laurent Peter and comes from Geneve, Switzerland. He’s part of the highly recommendable Diatribes free jazz-collective and runs his own netlabel for improvised music between jazz, noise and electronic music (check Insubordinations). With his EP for Filippo Aldovinis’ Zymogen-netlabel, you can catch D’Incise at his artistic peak level.
‘Elle Dort’ opens the EP. Laurent scatters his nervous beats over a classical Autechre-motive that unfolds itself in a beautiful, harmonic sub-layer including processed strings and flutes. ‘Contemplatif et Pixellisé’ features a great base-melody and surprises with aggressive yet ornate breakbeat-patterns. Woaw! Dark stuff. Short rest at ‘Anticipation d’un Voyage’. D’Incise quotes Autechre, once again, now at they’re abstract phase around ‘Confield’. Track number four is quite similar, adds some interesting sample-sounds and closes ranks to the breakbeat-influenced beginnings. At ‘Traumatisme Enfantin’, Laurent seems to improvise with his sound-vocabulary. It has to be mentioned because D’Incise shows off with some really interesting new tones that a lot of bedroom-producers should focus they’re mind on.
‘Spectacle’ is the most significant track of the whole EP. Laurent combines a strong, catchy melodic motive with a spoken word-sample, something about politics. The song works pretty well, although (because?) it’s the most obvious one on this recording. Last track ‘Insectes Diurnes et Nocturnes’ is a decent example to the D’Incise-sound, and you can learn an important lesson if you want to know about fresh IDM here. Again, the beats. Laurent uses a lot of different sampled sound for his complex rhythmic patterns. They don’t sound fat, but the do sound alive, diverse, like spread among the whole stereo-panorama. Bit like a box of stones- if you know how to shake.
I noticed a certain slide to some darker sounds at Zymogen. ‘Insectes, Attente et Pixels’ suits this trend very well by drawing distinct influences from abstract drum n’ bass and late-nineties electronica. Autechre is a comparison you have to draw. But Booth and Brown are the ‘Fab Four’ of contemporary electronica, and which true pop band is ashamed if they’re compared with The Beatles? See. The outstanding feature of Laurents’ compositions is the dense mix of these ‘classical’ elements with a rich sound design that incorporates found sounds, elaborate synth-programmings and generative rumbling. Still, D’Incise keeps these influences in check: Beside all the Avant-Garde that probably stands in the back of Laurent Peter, D'Incise filters it by the means of the composition. That's awesome.
Rubored / 12 Nov 2006

IDM and glitch are what makes Insectes, attente et pixels. In the first 3 tracks these components are more background elements giving an ambient and slower feel. On peut pas tout cacher avec le printemps brings the clicks'n'cuts to the front for a more aggressive sound, but near the end it gets slower again to make the appropriate mood for the following tracks. Spectacle is a little different with a spoken word opening and another kind of beats, breaking the routine of what preceeded as a syncop would to get back to it again but this time a lot more calmer with Insectes diurnes et nocturnes. Beautiful music.
Sothzine / 31 Aug 2006

hell yeah! d'incise makes me believe in electronic again. i find it hard to get into most of the 'insubordinations'-stuff (his label for improv-music), but this EP is simply stunning. everything sounds edgy, handmade and very different from the electronic music you used to know. his beats are rumbling stones, more field-recoding than dance music. still it's quiete catchy and hypnotic. comparisons? zavoloka, gultskra artikler, normal music. you should know this. six stars.
Sven Swift on Archive / 30 Aug 2006

und wieder ein fantastisches meisterwerk auf zymogen. wie einige ja bereits bei kreislauf.fm # 17 gehört haben, bietet uns d'incise einen wunderbaren blick auf die welt der insekten.
entspannte momente sorgen für eine wohlige stimmung, die man nicht mehr missen möchte. absolute download-empfehlung!
Kreislauf e-zine / 20 Aug 2006

Zymogen parte. No hay duda. En esta referencia nos demuestran su gran nivel de publicaciones y el excelente gusto que tienen. D'incise han elaborado un tabajo supremo, dónde cada sonido ha sido escogido y procesado meticulosamente llegando a conseguir una calidad casi perfecta, y digo casi por no querer ser tajante porque para mi es un trabajo perfecto. Límpio y con un gran sonido, un estilo entre la IDM y la indietrónica, con mucha electrónica y algunas referencias al pop.
Oìr para creer / 03 Aug 2006